Referring to Community Hospice of Texas


The professionals at Community Hospice of Texas want to partner with you as you care for patients who face life-limiting illnesses. We see our role to serve as an extension of your services – providing your patients and their families with the specialized care and support they need near the end of life.


We understand that initiating the conversation about end-of-life options for care and support with patients and families can be difficult. Community Hospice of Texas has a wealth of information about managing pain and symptoms, improving quality of life, and emotional and spiritual support that can help patients and families when a cure for a terminal illness no longer is the goal. Our physicians and nurses are here to support you and your staff.


We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions, provide consultation and admit your patients for hospice care. Have confidence that your referral to Community Hospice of Texas will be a seamless transition allowing your patient and their family to focus on their priorities, their wishes and what they still hope to achieve out of life.


Our easy-to-use Referral Form makes referring to Community Hospice of Texas simple and straightforward. For more information, call us at 1.800.226.0373.