Where Care is Provided


Hospice is a philosophy of care that focuses on enhancing quality of life while managing symptoms and controlling pain.


At Community Hospice of Texas, our goal is to provide expert care that enhances your quality of life wherever you call home, whether it is a private residence, an assisted living facility, nursing home or hospital. Many patients respond best when they are cared for in the comfort and familiar surroundings of home. However, there are situations that necessitate hospice care be provided in an inpatient setting or hospice facilities and units.


A transition to inpatient care may be necessary for several reasons, including an increase in pain that requires more acute-level treatment or a change in a family member’s ability to continue providing care in their home.


Because we are a mission-driven organization committed to serving the needs of our community, Community Hospice of Texas offers inpatient care at:


Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital and at our hospice houses

Community Hospice of Texas Hospice House Downtown in Fort Worth

Community Hospice of Texas Hospice House at Texas Health Huguley in Burleson


Short-term inpatient care is available. Patients also can be admitted for up to five days to offer respite time for caregivers.


While hospice is a philosophy of care, where the care is provided does matter. For more information about care in your home or ours, call us at 1.800.226.0373.