Programa de Caminos

Have you ever asked yourself, “What are my options?” or “How do I know what decision is right for my family and me?” Managing a serious illness can be overwhelming. But what if you are not ready for hospice?

Community Healthcare of Texas offers the Pathways Program. This bridge program is offered to those with a life-limiting illness but who are not yet eligible for hospice services. Even if you continue to seek curative care, we can help you find and utilize resources in the community, navigate the healthcare system, and provide support along the way. Through our Pathways Program, we want to empower you to make decisions that meet your goals and wishes.

Pathways is a personalized program that provides guidance, education, and support to anyone facing a serious illness. Issues addressed and the number of educational sessions will vary based on the needs of the patient.

Services Provided Can Include:

  • Communication – Improve communication with your physician, other medical professionals, and your family to ensure your goals and wishes are fulfilled.
  • Definirla calidad de vida - Identificar los objetivos y deseos y desarrollar un plan para alcanzarlos.
  • Estrategiasde afrontamiento - Desarrollar un plan para abordar los objetivos y deseos.
  • Cuestionesprácticas - Abordar los cambios en la rutina diaria que pueden ocurrir debido a la enfermedad.
  • Emotional support – Attend to feelings of anger, grief, and sadness.
  • Apoyo espiritual - Proporcionar una vía para reconectar o fortalecer las creencias espirituales.
  • Advance directives – Offer education and guidance to establish a living will, power of attorney, and other necessary documents.

Having the correct information at the right time can improve the quality of your life as you manage a serious illness. Even if you aren’t ready for hospice care, call Community Healthcare of Texas for education, guidance, and support through our Pathways Program.

Community Healthcare of Texas is a not-for-profit organization, and thanks to the generosity of our donors, our Pathways Program is available at no cost to eligible patients in our community who need our support.

A diagnosis of a serious illness may leave you feeling overwhelmed. Community Healthcare of Texas is your partner in navigating the many options available for you and your family. Call us today at (800)958-4942.