Baylor University Hospice Course is Shaping the Future of Healthcare

November 16, 2022

WACO, TX, November 16, 2022 – A unique partnership between the Baylor University Medical Humanities program and Community Healthcare of Texas – Providence Hospice is inspiring the next generation of medical professionals. Through a specialized supervised hospice care course, pre-med students have a fully immersive and hands-on opportunity to shadow all disciplines of hospice care,… Read More

Community Healthcare of Texas Recognizes National Grief Awareness Day

August 29, 2022

FORT WORTH, TX, August 29, 2022 – National Grief Awareness Day on August 30 is dedicated to raising awareness of how individuals process grief. It’s also an opportunity to highlight the resources available to those who have experienced a loss and it serves as a reminder for us to support people we know who are… Read More

Patients for Profit: How Private Equity Hijacked Health Care

August 22, 2022

Hospices Have Become Big Business for Private Equity Firms, Raising Concerns About End-of-Life Care by Markian Hawryluk   Hospice care, once provided primarily by nonprofit agencies, has seen a remarkable shift over the past decade, with more than two-thirds of hospices nationwide now operating as for-profit entities. The ability to turn a quick profit in… Read More

Community Healthcare of Texas Volunteer Named Runner-Up in AmeriCorps Award

June 18, 2022

Community Healthcare of Texas volunteer Mary Lou Lehde has been named AmeriCorps Seniors-RSVP’s first runner-up for the 2022 RSVP Volunteer of the Year Award. Mary Lou was first introduced to Community Healthcare of Texas during her sister’s illness and has entrusted the agency with the care of her family since that time. After her mother’s death,… Read More

Community Healthcare of Texas Asks – What’s Your Plan?

April 12, 2022

FORT WORTH, TX, April 13, 2022 – In celebration of National Healthcare Decisions Day on April 16, Community Healthcare of Texas, the state’s largest not-for-profit hospice provider, has created What’s Your Plan, an advance care planning toolkit now available on the organization’s website at “We have witnessed first-hand the challenges families and caregivers experience… Read More

Facing the Growing Demand for Hospice

February 14, 2022

The hospice industry in the U.S. is seeing an increased demand for services. Before the pandemic, the industry was faced with an adult population that was growing older. Vickie Jingle, CEO of Community Healthcare of Texas, said the hospice organization has seen 5% growth year after year in the demand of patients seeking at-home care…. Read More