CareFlash is a free service that facilitates “community” among family and friends. This private online service helps you and your family work through difficult challenges by giving you a communication resource.

Organizing much-needed assistance with errands and meals is an exhausting challenge. Trying to be effective is hard when relying on emails and texts. Most people don’t want to intrude on your privacy. This service will keep family and friends up to date and engaged to help them feel valued. Share your password with those you want to stay in touch with.

Creating a Care Community is easy and requires no technical knowledge. They help alleviate anxiety and make it easy for everyone to share, support, understand, and benefit from the “power of community.”

CareFlash offers:

Private Online Care Community
Help people engage and have better outcomes

Private Blog
Share updates, well wishes, care and love

iHelp Calendar
Help friends to assist – they really want to!

3D Medical Animations
Re-explaining is often painful and exhausting

Relive Great Memories
Share great experiences using your own photos

Simply click here to start your online Care Community.