Leaving a Legacy for Compassionate Care

Joe and June Freeman were high school sweethearts, married 50 years, proud educators and Texans through and through.

“They were honest, hardworking people,” remembers Charles Edmonds, a devoted friend of the Freemans. “Their front door was 100 feet from ours. As Joe got older, he required more help, and Elaine or I could run over. We became very close.”

Eventually, Charles and Elaine Edmonds became caregivers for the Freemans. But when Joe was diagnosed with cancer, his doctors advised him to enter hospice care at Community Healthcare of Texas.

“Community Healthcare of Texas took such good care of Joe,” Elaine says. “Almost nine years later, when it was time for June to receive hospice care, they sent the same social worker. It was like seeing an old friend instead of a stranger.”

After experiencing the passing of her beloved Joe, and while in the midst of receiving hospice care herself, June decided to include a gift in her will, also known as a bequest, to Community Healthcare of Texas. This generous bequest will support the Compassionate Care Fund, allowing the staff to continue providing high-quality, compassionate care throughout the community.

“June felt she should repay them. To the last day she lived, they did things for her we couldn’t do, like take a hot bath,” Elaine remembers. “She was so appreciative of how well they treated her and Joe.”

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