Mission and Values

The mission of Community Healthcare of Texas and Community Healthcare of Texas-Providence Hospice is to provide compassionate, end-of-life care services. Our vision is to be the recognized leader for end-of-life care in all of our communities. Our core values and standards of behavior include compassion, integrity, commitment, teamwork, service, and quality.

As a nonprofit agency, our priority is our patients, their families, and the community. We are committed to increasing access to hospice and palliative care, providing community education and outreach, offering special programs enhancing the quality of life, and activism in local, state, and national healthcare and hospice organizations.

Our philosophy centers around the importance of advocating for the needs of our patients. Hospice and palliative care neither hastens death nor prolongs life but strives to make death a natural part of life. We provide care and services in a compassionate, ethical manner while helping our patients live as fully as possible while spending valuable time with their loved ones and friends.