Breathing Through Grief

June 11, 2021

One thing people are most often surprised to hear is that grief can cause physical symptoms. It’s not uncommon in grief to have physical aches and pains, fatigue, or experience changes in appetite and sleep due to grief. Research has shown that deep breathing exercises can reduce stress, anxiety and improve our overall health. In addition,… Read More

Canine Comforters

April 27, 2021

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, but none give more smiles per pound than Eileen and Bill Wissore’s canine comfort companions. The couple’s Great Pyrenees are trained service animals with a gift for knowing how to brighten the final days of life or first hours of grief, and they have comforted thousands in five… Read More

Inspired to Serve

April 26, 2021

Mary Lou Lehde answers a calling as a hospice volunteer, inspired to give back by the care her loved one received. She was introduced to Community Healthcare of Texas during her sister’s last illness and has entrusted the agency with the care of her family since. After her mother’s death, she felt and answered a… Read More

A Gift of Service

April 22, 2021

Hospice is a calling for volunteer Deborah Hogan, one rooted in faith, life experience, and a community of caring people who inspire her to serve through Community Healthcare of Texas – Providence Hospice. She and volunteers like her play many roles in hospice. Whether they ease the isolation of patients living with a serious or… Read More

Labors of Love: Couple Cares & Shares

April 21, 2021

Caring for their neighbors is a labor of love Chris and W.L. Sanders share as Community Healthcare of Texas – Providence Hospice volunteers. It is also a calling that adds joyful service and meaning to their retirement years. Community Healthcare of Texas volunteers receive more than 40 hours of specialized training. Chris and W.L. also… Read More

A New Tour of Duty: Army Vet Still Serves

April 20, 2021

Veteran Kenny Spruill could have kicked back after retiring from the U.S. Army. Instead, he gives back in one of the toughest jobs a volunteer will ever love: hospice visitor. Kenny is one of the extraordinary volunteers who give thousands of hours a year to help hospice patients and their families. Many serve to pay… Read More

What’s Your Plan?

April 16, 2021

Everyone loves a story with a happy ending. That is why we plan so carefully for many of life’s milestone moments. The arrival of a new baby. Where to go to school. Weddings. Career paths. Retirement. Even our wakes or funeral celebrations. But there is one part of life we each experience, yet many of… Read More

Meet Chief Medical Officer – Dr. Karen Godfrey

March 30, 2021

At Community Healthcare of Texas, our physicians are a vital part of the hospice team. Physicians provide guidance and medical oversight in the care of patients living with a life-limiting disease. Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Karen Godfrey, recently shared her thoughts on hospice care and her recommendations for patients and their families. Describe your… Read More

Children and Grief: Age Appropriate Responses to Loss

February 24, 2021

Contributed by Kelly Cox, BS, CCLS, Childlife Specialist at Community Healthcare of Texas    One of the specialized services Community Healthcare of Texas offers our patients and their families is grief support for children who are facing the death of a loved one such as a grandparent, a parent, or a sibling. Depending on the… Read More

A Mother’s Message of Hope

January 20, 2021

Contributed by Marsha Wade, Mother to Xander   Sir William Osler, a founding father of modern medicine, once said “It is more important to know what type of person has a disease than what type of disease the person has.” I really couldn’t agree more. Xander was not a diagnosis. He was a bright, funny,… Read More