Meet Master of Social Work Intern – Ginny McCoy

At Community Healthcare of Texas (CHOT), our social work interns are vital members of our interdisciplinary team, committed to delivering compassionate care and support to our patients and their families. This year’s interns collaborate closely with our Palliative Care and Pathways teams, specializing in providing comprehensive care to individuals diagnosed with a serious illness. Under the expert guidance of Becky Shumake, our Senior Director of Palliative Care, they are integral to our holistic model of care.

Master of Social Work Intern Ginny McCoy, scheduled to graduate from Baylor University this May, recently shared how her faith served as a compass, guiding her toward a career dedicated to social work. She also shared insights into how her hands-on experiences with patients at Community Healthcare of Texas have not only enriched her skills but also provided clarity on her future path within social work.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in social work?

I chose social work as my career because I believe in encouraging, advocating, and serving individuals from all walks of life. My passion is to build the kingdom and be the hands and feet of Jesus to others in my life. I believe that social work has values and principles that are equal to my faith and serve those in society.

Why did you choose to join Community Healthcare of Texas for your internship placement?

I  believe that end-of-life care is a rich and delicate time of life that everyone should experience with serving and holding space for the individuals going through this season. I enjoyed learning about the CHOT Palliative Care and Pathways programs, which led me to want to be a part of this opportunity to grow my knowledge. I believe that Becky Shumake is an amazing social worker who puts her heart into her work with patients, and I wanted to be a part of her team.

While there may not be a “typical” day in your role, describe some of your responsibilities during your internship.

I am a Palliative Care and Pathways clinical social work intern at CHOT, and I would say that every day is different. My role and purpose is to provide services, resources, and support to my patients during their time of need. I am like a heartfelt walking Google, riding alongside these patients searching for guidance and support.  

Is there anything that has surprised you about working with our patients?

In my time working in palliative care, I am surprised by how many patients are confused about what’s going on with their healthcare needs. Patients are consistently confused about what the physicians and nurses are saying to them regarding their medical needs. I am currently doing research on health literacy for oncology patients. The lack of efficient communication regarding patients’ health needs is bewildering. The data and experience have made me realize this is an area that needs advocacy. I will be narrowing it down to African American women diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Have you decided on a social work specialization after graduation? If so, what?

I plan on working with the geriatric oncology population in palliative care. I hope to be a licensed master social worker (LMSW) before I graduate, and I hope to attain my clinical license during supervision hours in my job when I graduate.

How has your experience with Community Healthcare of Texas prepared you for your future career?

My experience at CHOT has helped me gain skills in biopsychosocial assessment, grief and bereavement counseling, medical terminology, multidisciplinary teams, and documentation. I have grown a heart for oncology patients and another muscle of empathy toward their experiences. I plan to further my knowledge and education in working with oncology patients as a clinical social worker. 

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