5 Ways to Support a Friend Grieving Their Mom on Mother’s Day

Each Spring, there is no mistaking the pending arrival of Mother’s Day. Advertisers are flooding our email inboxes, televisions, and shopping malls with suggestions for the perfect gift to celebrate the mothers in our lives. This holiday offers an opportunity to honor the women who have raised us or who hold a special place in our hearts. But for those who have lost their mother, whether the loss happened recently or many years ago, this day can be one more painful reminder that she’s gone. And knowing what to say or do to support them can be difficult.

Here are five ways to support a friend grieving their mom on Mother’s Day:

  1. Check-in on them. This can be simply a text or phone call. Grief can often feel lonely and isolating – especially during holidays. But knowing that someone is thinking of them can help remind them they are not alone.
  2. Share memories. Our memories help us feel connected to those we have lost. If you knew your friend’s mom, take this time to share your favorite memories of her and what she meant to you. And if you didn’t personally know her, this is an opportunity to encourage your friend to reflect on memories they hold dear.
  3. Celebrate with them. Find out if your friend has plans for honoring their mother and offer to join them. It could be a visit to the cemetery, lunch at their mother’s favorite restaurant, or simply a walk in the park.
  4. Thoughtfully listen. When a friend is grieving, it can be tempting to look for ways to cheer them up but often, the best thing you can do is just be available to listen. To get the conversation started, consider asking open-ended questions like, “What’s the hardest thing for you right now?” or “How can I best support you?”.
  5. Make it a habit. Once Mother’s Day has passed, your friend will continue to grieve the loss of their mom, especially on days that hold special meaning to their family – birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Make a note of these dates on your calendar and reach out to let them know you remember and are thinking of them.

If you or someone you know is grieving, our Grief Care Services program is available, at no cost, to anyone in the community who enters the journey of healing and transition after the death of a loved one. For more information, please call us at (800) 958-5014 or email For a complete list of upcoming Grief Care Services events, visit the Community Healthcare of Texas calendar of events.





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