Inpatient Hospice Care at Providence Hospice Place, Waco, TX

300 Highway 6
Waco, TX 76712
Tel:  (254) 537-4699
Fax: (254) 537-9126
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Community Healthcare of Texas – Providence Hospice offers hospice care services in the comfort of a patient’s home. However, in some cases, patients may need inpatient care to manage acute pain and other symptoms, while their caregivers may need respite. Our hospice program includes four levels of care, including inpatient care. Our inpatient facility, Providence Hospice Place, serves the Waco, Texas, community and the surrounding areas.

At Providence Hospice Place, we strive to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere for our patients and their families. Our rooms are tastefully decorated with warm, inviting colors, and we encourage families to bring personal items such as flowers and photos to make the space feel like home. The seating arrangements are comfortable and offer ample space for guests to spend quality time together.

We understand the importance of being close to loved ones during this difficult time, but we also recognize the value of rest and personal time. Therefore, we provide a range of amenities to support patients and their families with their personal or business matters.

Our team of professionals, including nurses, chaplains, social workers, and physicians, is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our patients. We develop a comprehensive care plan that is tailored to the patient’s goals, history, current symptoms, disease progression, pain management, and emotional support.

At Community Healthcare of Texas – Providence Hospice, our commitment is to provide every patient and their family with comfort, compassion, and dignity.

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We serve the Waco, Texas, community, and the surrounding areas.

Room Amenities:

  • Patient bed and ample storage
  • Medications related to the patient’s illness
  • Supplies and equipment for patient comfort
  • Telephone
  • Cable TV
  • Radio/CD player
  • Private restroom
  • Sleeping accommodations for one guest

Facility Amenities:

  • State-of-the-art bathing equipment
  • Blanket and towel warmer
  • Comfortable visiting areas
  • Fully equipped kitchen and dining area
  • WiFi connection
  • Chapel/meditation room
  • Children’s play area

Please contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you and your family at 800.958.4942 to see how we can help.