A Mother’s Message of Hope


Contributed by Marsha Wade, Mother to Xander  

Sir William Osler, a founding father of modern medicine, once said “It is more important to know what type of person has a disease than what type of disease the person has.” I really couldn’t agree more. Xander was not a diagnosis. He was a bright, funny, 8-year old boy, and he was full of life.

Xander was our superhero, Star Wars, police officer, dance party kid. He was always kissing the girls on the hand, “Cause, Mom, I’m a gentleman!” he explained. He lived life to the fullest and declared each day “The most awesomest day … ‘cause it’s today!”

As his disease progressed, we learned about palliative care and were introduced to Community Healthcare of Texas. It was then we discovered there are two great misconceptions about hospice: the first is that it is only for the elderly. When a doctor mentioned hospice, I remember thinking, “Kids can go on hospice?”

The second misconception is that hospice is about dying. Oh, friends, it is far from that. It’s about living.

Xander always told us he would live his “whole life,” and he did with help from Community Healthcare of Texas.

His disease would have confined Xander to a hospital had it not been for our hospice team. With their help, he could be at home with his big sister and baby brother, his movies and toys, his friends, his mommy, and his daddy. Community Healthcare of Texas kept Xander as comfortable as possible, and if we had questions on this journey, there were people who were ready to answer, help, hug and sometimes cry with us.

Hospice is about the people. It is about drawing in close to a family at their toughest, hardest time, linking arms with them, and promising to walk every step of the way until this life is complete.

Xander’s life was complete on September 5, 2016. He lived his whole life, and I get to honor him and his journey every single day, knowing I want each day to be the awesomest day ever … because it is today!

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