Community Healthcare of Texas Volunteer Named Runner-Up in AmeriCorps Award

Community Healthcare of Texas volunteer Mary Lou Lehde has been named AmeriCorps Seniors-RSVP’s first runner-up for the 2022 RSVP Volunteer of the Year Award.

Mary Lou was first introduced to Community Healthcare of Texas during her sister’s illness and has entrusted the agency with the care of her family since that time. After her mother’s death, she felt and answered a call to serve.

Since 2011, Mary Lou has volunteered more than 8,940 hours serving hospice patients and their families throughout the Waco area.

“This award makes me very humble,” Lehde said. “I started volunteering so I could make a difference in the lives of others. I want to be a blessing to each person I come in contact with.

Consider joining Mary Lou as a Community Healthcare of Texas volunteer. For more information, complete the online form or call Community Healthcare of Texas in the Dallas/Fort Worth area at (800) 226-0373 or in the Waco area at (800) 625-9328.

Read more about Mary Lou’s award here.

About AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP

AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP is a national nonprofit organization sponsored by McLennan Community College that recruits, trains and manages volunteers 55and older from the Heart of Texas region for other nonprofits

Acerca de Community Healthcare of Texas

As the largest not-for-profit hospice and palliative care provider in Texas, Community Healthcare of Texas has provided end-of-life care services for adult and pediatric patients since 1996.  With five office locations and three inpatient hospice houses, Community Healthcare of Texas serves 25 Dallas, Fort Worth, and Waco counties.




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